Our project:
A sustainable Denmark

At the CIP Foundation, we conceive and implement long-term projects that support the transformation of Danish society towards a more sustainable future. We are an independent and non-profit organization that delivers concrete and implementable solutions for a long-term transformation of Danish society.

Our goal is to ensure that the next generation experiences a sustainable Denmark, which is better equipped with a 100% green agricultural and food sector, intelligent digital solutions in the public sector, and a future-proof infrastructure in a cohesive society. We are not a think-tank - but an action-tank

About the CIP Foundation

We aim to accelerate Denmark's transition towards a green future.

That is why we have established the CIP Foundation. The CIP Foundation is a non-profit organization established to translate our expertise and global experience in developing and implementing large-scale green transitions into concrete strategies and action plans for Denmark's transition.

Our focus is to identify areas in our society where it is necessary to prepare Denmark to meet the challenges we will face over the next 25 to 30 years. This includes climate challenges, disruptive technologies, supply chain security, and pressure on the welfare state.


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Our approach

At the CIP Foundation, we aim to bring companies and organizations together for projects and investments that prepare Denmark for the future. We establish partnerships with the private sector, ministries, the government, universities, and other relevant stakeholders. These partnerships form the foundation for the projects we develop and implement.


At the CIP Foundation, we develop and deliver concrete project proposals for sustainable solutions to fundamental, structural societal challenges within agriculture and food, digitalization, and infrastructure.

A common denominator for the projects we develop at the CIP Foundation is that they are based on our strengths in Denmark and have a potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the Danish society. Our ambition is to develop and initiate sustainable societal projects that can give Denmark a technological firstmover position and strengthen the country's export potential.


CIP Fonden was founded by the senior partners of Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) and established as a non-profit organization that operates independently of political and commercial interests. The foundation is led by an independent board of 6 members with CEO of PensionDanmark, Torben Möger Pedersen, as chairman.

The daily operations of the foundation's activities is handled by the Managing Partner, Charlotte Jepsen.


The members of the foundation are firms, organisations, and individuals interested in contributing to the long-term transformation of the Danish society.

We offer members the opportunity to influence and participate in the projects developed and launched by the foundation.



A sustainable Denmark. At the CIP Foundation, we work with projects that cut across the seventeen sustainable development goals and the foundation is committed to developing projects that support the SDGs.