About the CIP Foundation

Climate change, technological advancements, as well as demographic and social changes will be defining factors for societal development in the coming years. There will be remarkable changes in big parts of society. Some changes will happen by itself and others will require political action. There will be systemic transformations with far-reaching consequences for businesses and citizens.

Denmark, with strong positions in areas such as green technology, has the opportunity to make significant societal investments that can solve some of the major challenges we face. It requires a long-term investment perspective, a willingness to set direction for investments, and public dialogue.

Therefore, we have established the CIP Foundation. The CIP Foundation is a non-profit foundation with the purpose of identifying areas where structural projects can support necessary societal changes and propose concrete solutions as well as how they can be realized and financed. These are projects that extend beyond the next generation and require patient and risk-taking financing. The projects are concrete, implementable solutions to fundamental, structural societal challenges within agriculture and food, digitization, and infrastructure. We are therefore more of an action tank than a think tank.

At the CIP Foundation we work according to four principles:

  1. Analytical, professionally grounded, and independent of political and commercial interests.
  2. Based on Danish strengths
  3. With political realism and concrete implementable and investable project proposals
  4. Transparent, dialogue-based, and with external activities

It is a success criterion for our work at the CIP Foundation that we are seen as a serious and relevant partner for the political system, the ministries, as well as for the leading companies and organizations in the business community.