Our approach

It is our ambition at the CIP Foundation to leverage the potential of public-private partnerships to realize long-term societal projects that may otherwise be difficult to undertake due to the traditional political focus on short-term challenges and solutions. We see partnerships as a tool to bring together knowledge of data and digitalization, energy and infrastructure, green technology, and responsible food production to create solutions that ensure the next generation experiences a prosperous and sustainable society.

We establish partnerships with the private sector, ministries, the government, universities, and other relevant stakeholders. Partnerships form the foundation for the projects we develop and implement at the CIP Foundation.

Our projects are primarily developed within three project categories.

1. Food and agriculture

2. Digital infrastructure

3. Green infrastructure and cohesion towards 2050

Woman on subway station escalator in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Common for the projects we develop at the CIP Foundation is that they:

  • Support the transition to a carbon-neutral Denmark.
  • Contribute value to Danish society.
  • Create an export potential for Denmark.
  • Support long-term sustainable solutions for future generations.

The projects are organized into five phases with ongoing external involvement:

Preliminary analysis

Case selection


Action plan


We need to reduce our carbon footprint and create a more sustainable agricultural production. The CIP Foundation's perspective and focus on expertise, realism, and making things actually happen reflect the spirit of agricultural businesses. Therefore, I look forward to a fruitful collaboration with the CIP Foundation in further developing Danish agriculture.

Kristian Hundebøll

Inspiration from the world's first energy island

Our approach to developing and initiating investment projects at the CIP Foundation is inspired by the structure of the development of VindØ - the world's first energy island in the North Sea.

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) developed the idea and was catalyst for the political process. At the CIP Foundation, we apply the same developer approach in our projects - we analyze, conceptualize, and showcase how a project can become a reality - all in dialogue with the relevant stakeholders.

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