Jesper Berg joins the CIP Foundation as new senior fellow

Jesper Berg


Former Director General of the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, Jesper Berg, joins the CIP Foundation as a senior fellow from the 1st of June 2024, where he will contribute to advising the foundation on its projects. 

Jesper possesses unique knowledge and experience from his top career in both the Danish FSA, the National Bank of Denmark, ECB, and Nykredit. He is thus one of the people in Denmark with the greatest insight into the financial sector and socio-economic challenges more broadly. I am certain that he will be a significant strength in the CIP Foundation’s work, says Managing Partner of the CIP Foundation, Charlotte Jepsen

Jesper Berg himself is looking forward to the collaboration with the CIP Foundation:

The green transition is the biggest challenge for society, and there is no doubt that the CIP Foundation plays an important role as a link between the private sector, government authorities, and experts. There is a widespread recognition of the CIP Foundation’s work and analytical approach, and I look forward to contribute to the work.

Besides Jesper Berg, Brian Vad Mathiesen, Helge Sigurd Næss-Schmidt, and Jens Lundsgaard are also associated with the CIP Foundation as senior fellows.