Nordic Biochar Initiative Webinar


Friday, the 24th of May, the CIP Foundation presented main findings on biochar as a climate solution in Danish agriculture at a webinar hosted by the Nordic Biochar Initiative.

Watch the presentation about ““How to establish a market for carbon capture and storage with biochar in Denmark” here:

The CIP Foundation has examined the potential of biochar as a climate solution for Danish agriculture and tested the political ambition of 2 Mt carbon removal in 2030 with biochar. Is the market ready for this challenge?  

Helle Osmer Clausen, program director at the CIP Foundation presents main drivers for the market as well as market impediments for biochar in Denmark. The project covers market perspectives ranging from the availability of relevant feedstock to potential climate effects, scaling of technology, carbon markets and the business case behind biochar as well as the evolving regulatory framework and socio-economic effects of biochar. The webinar also touches upon the latest developments, global production of biochar and potential future drivers.

The main report of the CIP Foundation on biochar is available in English, and you can also watch a short explainer video on biochar here.